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Bidenomics Is Creating a Debt-Inflation Spiral

What makes this expansion of the deficit so unusual is that it has not been driven by some kind of fiscal emergency. We are not at war. The economy is not in a depression or even a recession. If anything, it is accelerating. There are no public health emergency measures requiring the shutdown of vast parts of the economy.

US 30-year fixed mortgage rate jumps to near 21-1/2-year high

The average 30-year rate shot up to 7.09%, the highest level since April 2002, from 6.96% in the prior week, mortgage finance agency Freddie Mac said on Thursday. It is nearly 2 percentage points above where it was the same period last year.

‘Bidenomics’ Has Been A Disaster

Presidents who oversee strong economies, often benefitting from the luck of history or existing policies, will see fewer jobs “created” during their terms because space for growth is limited. Biden was given more economic headroom than any president in history — and blew it. That’s the real legacy of “Bidenomics.”

The Hiring Boom Is Hiding a Recession Signal

While some economists are optimistic as hiring booms, employees are actually working fewer hours. Usually, reducing working hours has been a reliable sign of incoming layoffs – and a possible recession. WSJ explains what it may mean moving forward.

Bidenomics in One Lesson

…. it tells an ugly story about the impact of the worst inflation in 40 years and the standard of living. This is the inflation that Mr. Biden did so much to ignite with all of his spending.

How a US debt crisis standoff could cause a recession – a bad one

A fight between Republicans and Democrats over the debt limit ceiling could send the U.S. economy into a recession even if the standoff doesn’t actually trigger a debt default, analysts say – and a much worse downturn with perhaps 7.5 million people thrown out of work if it does.

The credit crunch the Fed fears may already be taking shape

Matthew Luzzetti, chief U.S. economist for Deutsche Bank, recently estimated if the next Fed loan officers survey shows a 10-percentage-point rise in the share of banks tightening credit, it could lop about half a percentage point from U.S. output – enough to turn expected meager growth into a recession.