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Soaring U.S. Debt Is a Spending Problem

You may have heard that the 2017 GOP tax cuts blew a giant hole in the federal budget—or so Democrats tell voters. The Congressional Budget Office’s revised 10-year budget forecast out Tuesday offers a reality check. Spending is the real problem, and it’s getting worse.

Biden’s massive spending is a real inflationary problem

The principle cause of inflation is too much money chasing too few goods. Joe Biden’s massive spending and the Fed’s enabling of that spending is a real inflationary problem, while regulatory and tax threats have smothered small business production. Trump is suggesting his successful economic policies can be repeated if he is re-elected. There’s no empirical reason to doubt him.

Congressional report finds half of all new jobs are going to immigrants

“Reports show that upwards of half the job gains under Biden have come from illegal immigrants, which belies a far weaker economy than Democrats want you to believe,” committee chairman Jodey Arrington said in a statement. “Biden’s illegal immigrant crisis has conveniently served as a ‘two-for’ – shoring up his vote tally and padding his dismal unemployment numbers.”

Wall Street’s Favorite Recession Indicator Is in a Slump of Its Own

Treasury yields have been inverted for the longest stretch on record.

An anomaly known as an inverted yield curve, in which yields on short-term Treasurys exceed those of longer-term government debt, has long been taken as a nearly surefire signal that an economic pullback looms. In each of the previous eight U.S. downturns, that has happened before the economy sputtered. There haven’t been any glaring false alarms.