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The Trump Indictments’ High Price

The prosecutions ensure U.S. political bitterness for years and payback against Democrats. The U.S. isn’t going to break. Countries don’t do that. Greece, an eternal mess, is still around. But the U.S. does look as if it’s heading toward a long downward roll.

EXCLUSIVE: Biden Laptop Deniers Employed by Taxpayer-Funded Groups

U.S. tax dollars are going to the employers of former intelligence officials who signed a misleading open letter in 2020 claiming that emails, photos, and other content on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop likely amounted to a “Russian information operation.”

The IRS Whistleblowers, Merrick Garland and the ‘Big Guy’

The House is continuing to investigate, and these officials will get their chance to testify under oath. Does Mr. Garland think the IRS agents are lying, or did he not know what his underlings were doing? The credibility of the AG and his department is on the line.