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Photos show Ambassador Yovanovitch met twice with Burisma official after being told firm was corrupt

Photos obtained from the now-deleted Burisma website and the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) show that

The photos are likely to raise fresh questions about parts of Yovanovitch’s testimony to Congress during former President Donald Trump’s first impeachment. Yovanovitch attended two meetings hosted by the USUBC in Kyiv with Vadim Pozharskyi, the Burisma executive who met with then-Vice President Joe Biden and appears frequently in Hunter Biden’s emails.

The New Moral Order Is Already Crumbling

Globalism, climate-change alarmism and cultural self-annihilation have all come under serious challenge.

The new moral order our secularist elites have been busy constructing since the end of the Cold War is collapsing around them.

US Senator takes on Zelenskyy and speaks for the people

Ukraine, he said, was not the shining example of democracy that its supporters proclaimed – all opposition parties have been banned, all television channels placed under state control, scheduled elections cancelled and ‘regulatory powers over journalists introduced’.

The West and Russia are at war, says Sergei Lavrov

The United States and Britain are at war with Russia. So said the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a UN press conference on Saturday. ‘You can call this whatever you want,’ said Lavrov. ‘But they are directly at war with us. We call this a hybrid war but that doesn’t change the reality.’