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The climate scaremongers: Greta’s fake ‘arrest’

The original BBC article on the arrest included a video which showed 20-year-old Ms Thunberg being carried away by two police officers.
For some reason the BBC did not want viewers to see the whole of the video, which is here.

Russia’s War on Ukraine Changed Global Oil Trade. Here Is What It Looks Like Now.

Russia’s war on Ukraine has redrawn the global oil map, rerouting a fleet of skyscraper-size tankers on longer voyages as they shuttle crude shipments that are essential to the global economy.
So far Russia has been able to redirect many of its crude exports, but they are selling at a steep discount to a handful of buyers including India, China and Turkey.

James Comey’s Crosswise Hurricane

James Comey may have been right about Russia collusion after all. But instead of the Trump campaign, the alleged culprit was a member of Mr. Comey’s own team at the FBI.

What would ‘winning’ in Ukraine mean?

Everyone is speculating on Putin’s leadership – will he be overthrown? Is his presidency strong enough to survive a peace deal with Ukraine and the West? Might he be replaced by a yet fiercer militarist? Good questions, but there’s another we don’t seem to be addressing: is Volodymyr Zelensky secure?