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Courtroom battle over the BBC’s fake news

In an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, Kennedy revealed how the BBC in March 2020 orchestrated and founded a secretive cartel involving the legacy news organisations and tech companies, which it called the ‘Trusted News Initiative’ (TNI), to collaborate in the suppression and censorship of information.

Hunter Biden and News Suppression

The latest news from the Twitter files, which you probably didn’t hear from your news providers, brings us to the start of the Russia collusion hoax, as seen in messages from Democrats insisting that Twitter identify Russian activity that could be blamed for electing Donald Trump.

One newspaper, one day

Page 8: A focus group . . . summed up the apathy many voters feel towards the prime minister

Can a ‘focus group’ really say anything useful about the views of the other 59,999,990 people in the UK?

Climate change? No, lazy journalism

FORGET COP27! Solving the climate change problem is simple. Since it was caused by lazy, left-wing journalists, let them fix it. They had one task – to ask tough questions – and they blew it. Now that Greta Thunberg has finally come clean and declared war on ‘oppressive and racist’ capitalism, we have evidence that man-made climate change is an invented problem.

Rolling Stone Gathers No Facts

Artists once aspired to be “on the cover of the Rolling Stone.” But what was once a fun pop-culture magazine has evolved into a dreary leftist propaganda outlet. In August I was the target of a fact-free hit piece designed to defend President Biden’s legally dubious and economically indefensible student-loan forgiveness plan.