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Japan joins Moon race with successful rocket launch

Japan on Thursday successfully launched a rocket with a lunar lander at its fourth try this year, after previous attempts were foiled by bad weather.

The lander, dubbed the “moon sniper”, is expected to attempt a Moon landing in February if all goes well.

Voyager 2: Nasa fully back in contact with lost space probe

In July a wrong command was made to the spacecraft, sent to explore space in 1977, changing its position and severing contact.

A signal was picked up on Tuesday but thanks to an “interstellar shout” – a powerful instruction – its antenna is now back facing Earth.

Why E-Bikes, EVs and Laptops Are Catching Fire

The Dutch coast guard is investigating whether a deadly fire aboard a car carrier Tuesday originated in one of the electric vehicles onboard. In June, four people died from a fire caused by lithium-ion batteries at an e-bike repair store in New York City, part of a growing trend. There were 74 lithium battery incidents on flights last year, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, and that number rose every year but three during the preceding decade.

Euclid: Europe’s ‘dark explorer’ telescope launches

A European space telescope has launched from Florida on a quest to resolve one of the biggest questions in science: What is the Universe made of?

The Euclid mission will make an immense 3D map of the cosmos in an effort to tie down some of the properties of so-called dark matter and dark energy.