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House Republicans Demand Briefing On CIA Interference In Biden Probe

On Tuesday, the chairmen of the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees sent a letter to CIA Director William Burns requesting a staff-level briefing by agency personnel to explain previous denials that the CIA interfered to block an interview of Biden associate Patrick Kevin Morris.

Why Hunter Biden Case Smells Strongly of ‘Corruption’

“What’s happening with Hunter [Biden] is essentially they picked the lowest level thing that didn’t connect to [President] Joe [Biden], the thing they could paint in the light of addiction, the most sympathetic light, as a means to absolve him for guilt in everything else,”….

Biden’s Approval Rating Plummets

Biden’s approval hit the lowest point of his presidency on Sunday at 37.4%, according to Silver in a post on X acknowledged Biden’s withdrawal from the race would be a substantial risk, but said it’s a possibility that staying in the running could be even more risky.

The Hunter Biden Show

The conviction of Hunter Biden took a jury about zero minutes, given clear-cut law and overwhelming evidence, even in Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware. Perhaps our accumulating cynicism might be redressed if 75% of the press didn’t bend over backward to tell fairy stories about what happened and why.

Hunter’s Plea for Jury Nullification

The criminal trial of President Joe Biden’s troubled son Robert Hunter Biden on three gun charges in a Delaware federal district court is troubling, but not for the reasons you might expect. The trial itself is unremarkable and playing out like any trial where the evidence of guilt, both direct and circumstantial, is overwhelming.

US To Offer Major Treaty In Deal With Saudi Arabia

The United States is nearing a landmark defense treaty with Saudi Arabia which would offer the Gulf state U.S. defense guarantees in exchange for Israeli normalization, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Biden’s massive spending is a real inflationary problem

The principle cause of inflation is too much money chasing too few goods. Joe Biden’s massive spending and the Fed’s enabling of that spending is a real inflationary problem, while regulatory and tax threats have smothered small business production. Trump is suggesting his successful economic policies can be repeated if he is re-elected. There’s no empirical reason to doubt him.