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Durham’s Damning Report Assails FBI Leadership, Media for Enabling Hillary Clinton’s Alleged Russia Hoax Plan

The FBI failed to follow up on intelligence reports that Hillary Clinton had approved a scheme to manufacture the Russia hoax and that her campaign funded opposition research to supply to the FBI and media with the false narrative; and that FBI leaders willingly subverted FBI policy, quashed investigations into Clinton’s potential violations of the law, and more.

Biden’s Weakness Is Emboldening China

White House and administration officials, both anonymously and on the record, contradicted the president on all four occasions. The Chinese certainly do not see firmness in the Biden administration but disarray.

Biden’s ‘Four More Years’ Sounds Like a Prison Term

Only 1 in 4 Americans want him to run for re-election in 2024. Even among Democrats, less than half do.
The president’s widening mental deficit makes a bid for a second term a risky proposition. It’s not only an act of willful recklessness; it amounts to a grand deception.