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Why National Conservatism Could Herald Future of UK Politics

The general message from speakers was that Western countries—through a mix of mass migration, declining birthrates, and institutions that fail to pass along traditional political and religious values—will be reduced, at best, to economic zones rather than the distinct national polities they once were.

U.S. and Allies Look at Potential China Role in Ending Ukraine War

An expected offensive by Ukraine is seen as paving way for negotiations with Russia.

The approach is based on the belief that neither side has the ability to continue fighting indefinitely, and that Beijing’s willingness to play a role in international peace talks should be tested, the officials said.

Can Zelensky hold back his hawks?

Whatever the truth of the matter, it is clear that the West – or at least the United States – is working hard to try and restrain the Ukrainians from actions that risk escalation, but not always with full success.

More vaccines and fake meat to appease the biotech monster

SCIENCE Minister George Freeman has announced a record £52billion investment in public research and development over the next three years. That is £775 for every man, woman and child in Britain. So what are they spending your money on? You probably guessed it: the first grants under the scheme are being made to produce more biotech vaccines and industrial quantities of fake meat.

How Europe Disarmed Itself

The war in Ukraine has exposed decades of under-investment on defense in Europe, and most countries are scrambling to catch up. But they won’t succeed unless they jettison the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) mentality among European institutions and private investors.

Sudan fighting: Diplomats and foreign nationals evacuated

A growing list of countries have evacuated diplomats and citizens from Sudan’s capital as fierce fighting continues to rage in Khartoum.
The US and UK announced on Sunday they had flown diplomats out of the country.
France, Germany, Italy and Spain are among other nations that also carried out evacuations.