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How bad will a Labour government be?

The prime minister is very unpopular, and the Tories are currently polling at catastrophic levels, but there is little enthusiasm for Labour and more people think the country will get worse than better after they are elected.

The deluge: Rishi Sunak’s election gamble

Victory may look unlikely but, as the last ten years of elections have often showed, polls can be wrong and experts can be confounded. That said, few in Sunak’s party believe his timing is anything other than an attempt to lose less badly.

The far right isn’t the only threat ahead of the European elections

In France, Holland, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Hungary and Austria parties described by their foes as ‘far-right’ are on course for significant gains at next month’s European elections. To the chagrin of progressive politicians, Giorgia Meloni, Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders are popular with many voters. But centrist groups in the European Parliament are determined to do everything to stop them.

Blood scandal and covid cover-up – spot the difference

WHEN I saw the general jubilation that greeted the report on the infected blood scandal, and the government’s grovelling shame and promises of amends, my first thought was that this was a template for the eventual revelation that the ‘covid pandemic’ was a massive fraud, which has cost (and will cost) a great many more lives.

The ICC’s desire to arrest Netanyahu is far from impartial

In a dramatic announcement, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Karim Khan, declared today that he has applied for arrest warrants to be issued for Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant.

Macron’s headlong plunge into mayhem

A WEEK may be a long cliché in politics, but French President Emmanuel Macron must still be wondering how things could have gone so wrong in the last seven days.

France is spiralling out of control

France is not yet a failed state, but with its surging debts, soaring violence and crumbling infrastructure it feels increasingly like that day might not be far off.

Britain’s diplomacy with Russia needs a rethink

The last time the UK completely severed its military relations with Russia was following the murder of the sole remaining British attaché, Captain Francis Cromie, in St Petersburg in 1918. Military relations were not re-established until 1941.