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Russia’s War on Ukraine Changed Global Oil Trade. Here Is What It Looks Like Now.

Russia’s war on Ukraine has redrawn the global oil map, rerouting a fleet of skyscraper-size tankers on longer voyages as they shuttle crude shipments that are essential to the global economy.
So far Russia has been able to redirect many of its crude exports, but they are selling at a steep discount to a handful of buyers including India, China and Turkey.

Russia Adds More Naval Muscles Despite Crippling Western Sanctions

The Russian Navy commissioned three new vessels on Dec. 29, including a project 955A Borey-A class submarine Generalissimus Suvorov, a project 12700 Alexandrit-class MCM ship Anatoliy Shlemov, and a project 21631 Buyan-M class Grad vessel, the Naval News reported Monday.

The countries launching missions to the Moon and beyond in 2023

In 2023, Russia, India and the European Space Agency will be launching missions to the Moon, and further into deep space.
This follows Nasa’s Artemis I mission, which recently made a lunar orbit, using a spacecraft designed to put people back on the Moon’s surface.

A look into the soul of Russia

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has concentrated the mind yet again on this vast, incomprehensible country. So many questions arise: Why is Russia so enormous? Why has it never managed to break free of autocracy? Why do we so often view it as the enemy? Orlando Figes, a Russian scholar, provides some clear answers to these questions.

Russian gas supply gap casts chill in Europe as winter nears

Europe needs to pay up to import liquefied natural gas, pray for a mild winter and cut energy demand as any sabotage of infrastructure or even deeper cuts to Russian supply would make power rationing or blackouts all but inevitable.