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The Putin interview: Tucker Carlson is vindicated

TUCKER Carlson’s interview with the Russian Premier, Vladimir Putin, marks the first time a Western journalist has interviewed the Russian leader since the country invaded Ukraine. It has caused a furore. Carlson has been slammed as a traitor. He’s been threatened with sanctions by EU lawmakers for taking this initiative.

The riddle of Russia

The final and perhaps most powerful of the lectures today is given by Christopher Caldwell on Russia and American Foreign Policy Today. Bear is mind he wrote and delivered this in October 2022. Gradually I suspect we will see more people coming round to his critical and dispassionate analysis.

Russia and Saudi Arabia urge all OPEC+ powers to join oil cuts

Saudi Arabia and Russia, the world’s two biggest oil exporters, on Thursday called for all OPEC+ members to join an agreement on output cuts for the good of the global economy only days after a fractious meeting of the producers’ club.

Has the West Already Lost Control of Its Most Vital Sea Route?

Russia and China, although suffering from their own strategic constraints, have made major inroads into and presence in the Red Sea/Suez region at the expense of the U.S. and European powers in 2022–23. The United States has had a declining ability to influence or prevent conflicts currently underway in Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia.

Woke West watches as Russia and China rape Africa

The West’s own failing states are becoming ever more vulnerable to the combined might of Russia and China. While Britain is set on proscribing Wagner as a terrorist organisation, a laughable gesture given that we are now like a tiny yapping dog to these new superpowers, it has all but abandoned its traditional Christian roots in favour of woke tyranny.

It has become illegal to support Russia in the Czech Republic

Supporting Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine is now socially and morally beyond the pale in most of the western world. Even being wary of arms deliveries to Ukraine is, in most places, considered wrong. But in the Czech Republic things are being taken a step further, as those who express controversial views of the war are prosecuted under legal restrictions on free speech.