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Month: January 2024

After the covid cult, measles mania

IT IS hard to believe that just as the covid drama is subsiding, there is now a new (or revisited) bogeyman triggering fear-driven rhetoric in the public sphere about the need for vaccine mandates.

Anyone keeping an eye on the mainstream media cannot fail to have noticed the growing hysteria around measles.

Weakness Breeds Aggression

The Biden administration immediately leapt into action by issuing a strongly worded statement, while simultaneously proclaiming that it wanted to avoid escalation. Which, of course, is precisely the wrong thing to do when faced with aggression from a smaller, hostile adversary.

Why Is Biden Running?

“To be clear, no one in President Biden’s White House would ever root for Donald J. Trump,” wrote the paper’s White House correspondent Peter Baker. “But as they watched Mr. Trump romp through Iowa, they also saw something else: a pathway to a second term.”

Biden’s LNG Dilemma: Please Voters or Expand as Exporter

A study from Cornell University released last November suggested that LNG is worse for the climate than coal. Little did anyone know at the time that this study would put the U.S. federal government in a dilemma at a time when the country leads the world in LNG exports.