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Month: January 2023

Russia Claims Gains In Relentless Battles In East Ukraine

The Kremlin reaffirmed its stance on Monday that further supplies of Western weaponry to Ukraine would only lead to further escalation.

“… it leads to NATO countries more and more becoming directly involved in the conflict – but it doesn’t have the potential to change the course of events and will not do so,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

DOJ Responds to GOP Request for Info on Probe Into Biden’s Classified Documents

“Our members are rightly concerned about double standard here, after all, some of the Biden documents were found at a think tank that’s received funds from communist China,” he said. “It’s concerning, to say the least, that the Department is more interested in playing politics than cooperating.”

47% of Federal Workers Aren’t in Office, We’re Going to Vote to Make Them Return

Speaker of the House Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) stated that it’s ridiculous that 47% of the federal government workforce is still working remotely and stated that the House is going to pass legislation “to end this pandemic” and require federal government employees to return to the office and “provide the service that the taxpayers are paying them for.”

Turkey’s push into Iraq risks deeper conflict

Looming over the deserted village of Sararo in northern Iraq, three Turkish military outposts break the skyline, part of an incursion that forced the residents to flee last year after days of shelling.

Biden Says No F-16s for Ukraine as Russia Claims Gains

The United States will not provide the F-16 fighter jets that Ukraine has sought in its fight against Russia, President Joe Biden said on Monday, as Russian forces claimed a series of incremental gains in the country’s east.

Ukraine: Don’t write off the Russians yet

THE mainstream press are giving the impression that the much-delayed German consent for Leopard 2 tanks to be sent to Ukraine, with some American M1 Abrams, British Challenger, Polish PT-91 (a very capable Polish 1995 upgrade of the ubiquitous Russian T-72) and possibly some French LeClerc and German Leopard 1 tanks means that the Russians are as good as defeated.