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Biden’s Border Chaos Fuels Child Trafficking

What is happening along our international borders today is not just about illegal immigration or drug smuggling. It’s also about the rapid increase in human trafficking and modern-day slavery, which is flourishing with the chaos that open borders facilitate.

More Death at Biden’s Border

A fire that killed 38 migrants in Mexico reveals the spillover effects of bad policy.
A security-camera video shows a detainee trying to kick open a cell door as the flames spread. Guards put their heads down and walked away. When the smoke cleared, 38 were dead. More than 20 were hospitalized in serious or critical condition.

More Caught Illegally Crossing Southern Border in 1 Year of Biden Than Entire Trump Presidency

“Our top priority is to keep terrorists and their weapons from entering the United States.”

So says the website of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The same webpage that makes this declaration includes a table that provides some relevant data for the fiscal years from 2017 to 2023. It lists how many individuals on the Terrorist Screening Dataset (commonly known as the “terrorist watchlist”) were encountered by the Border Patrol as they were trying to illegally sneak into the United States between the ports of entry on our southern border.

GOP Committee Endorses Slate of Border Policies

“Each day the House of Representatives does not take action to secure the border is another day in which the Biden administration perpetuates the national security and humanitarian calamity it has created at our southern border,” the RSC Steering Committee, which is made up of 18 GOP leaders, said in a press release.