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Month: October 2023

Are Ukraine’s sabotage tricks going too far?

There has never been any doubt that Ukraine was the focus of an intelligence war as much as a physical one. But the extent of Western assistance, as well as growing concern at some Ukrainian tactics, is only now becoming clear.

More on the Stifled Hunter Biden Probe

House Republicans continue to unpack the Justice Department’s botched Hunter Biden probe, and evidence is mounting of interference from the top. The latest testimony comes from an Oct. 23 Judiciary Committee interview with former U.S. Attorney Scott Brady.

David Weiss’s Office Ignored Thoroughly Vetted Evidence Of Biden Corruption

The Delaware U.S. attorney’s office received a detailed briefing that established the FD-1023 implicating Hunter and Joe Biden in a Ukrainian bribery scandal was not Russian disinformation and was not sourced to Rudy Giuliani, according to a transcribed interview of former Pittsburgh U.S. Attorney Scott Brady.