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The Media Lied to You

The ultimate irony of it all? The massive lie and disinformation operation to obfuscate the president’s decline has been perpetrated in the name of — you guessed it — “our democracy.” The chutzpah!

How to Spot and Avoid Misinformation

Defeating misinformation and disinformation starts with learning how to spot them.

Often the most viral and persuasive examples of misinformation or disinformation is based on some element of truth, or at least has some truthful facts and data points that support it. That’s what makes it believable – and especially problematic.

The Media Say Crime Is Going Down. Don’t Believe It

Americans think crime is on the rise, but the media keep telling them they’re wrong. A Gallup survey last year found that 92% of Republicans and 58% of Democrats thought crime was increasing.

Americans aren’t mistaken. News reports fail to take into account that many victims aren’t reporting crimes to the police, especially since the pandemic.

Establishment Media, Left Attack Donald Trump for Promoting Bibles

The establishment media — which is notoriously anti-Trump — as well as some members of the far-left and anti-Trump Republicans, are attacking former President Donald Trump for promoting the “God Bless the USA Bible,” as he made it clear that America must “protect anything that is pro-God” and “pray again.”