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Conspiracy theory? No, a flood of evidence over vaccine damage

An antitrust lawsuit filed on January 10 in the US has obtained documents which it says indicates that the BBC joined with the Washington Post, Reuters, AP, Meta, Google, Twitter, and others to protect their business models from competition.

Putin is far from finished yet

AS USUAL, the New Year mainstream media resounds with claims of the imminent collapse of Russia and the end of Putin. They may be right, of course, especially given the poor battlefield performance of the Russian military and the enormous cost in casualties. However, Putin has not finished yet, whether at the tactical level in this current war, or in terms of long-term strategy.

Today’s talking point: Another BBC affront

THE BBC has revealed its tenth annual list of 100 ‘inspiring and influential’ women from around the world for 2022.

It includes at least two men, anti-Israel zealots, climate change cultists and leftie US singers and actors.

Is the list an affront to British culture?

Media Launch ‘Laptop from Hell’ Damage Control

On Friday, new details emerged from the Twitter Files of how the 2020 Biden campaign and the Democrat National Committee worked with Twitter to censor tweets they did not like about Hunter’s “laptop from Hell.” The revelations from the Twitter Files dominated the news cycle for the entire weekend.

Washington Post ‘Immediately’ Confirmed Hunter’s Laptop After Discrediting It for 532 Days

Kessler, whose paper refused to acknowledge the authenticity of the “Laptop from Hell” for 532 days after Breitbart News’s Emma-Jo Morris broke the story at the New York Post, claimed his team at the Washington Post did not “assess the veracity” of the Hunter’s authenticated emails on the laptop because no “source” provided the Washington Post with a copy of the laptop’s hard drive.