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The climate scaremongers: Greta’s fake ‘arrest’

The original BBC article on the arrest included a video which showed 20-year-old Ms Thunberg being carried away by two police officers.
For some reason the BBC did not want viewers to see the whole of the video, which is here.

Why Net Zero is nonsense: a briefing document for opponents

I’M increasingly alarmed at how all the UK’s major political parties are committed to the Net Zero policy. If implemented, it will have appalling consequences for the economy and for most people, few of whom understand the quite simple issues involved.

Oscar nominations 2023: The full list

This race is on for this year’s Oscars, honouring the film industry’s finest from the past 12 months.

Here is the full list of the nominees of the 95th Academy Awards, which will be handed out at the ceremony in Los Angeles on 12 March.

Global warming – an obvious fact?

YOU might argue that to say the world is warming is an obvious fact. ‘But,’ as Sherlock Holmes remarked to Dr Watson*, ‘there is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.’

Covid and the disturbing facts my fellow-scientists don’t want to hear

This article by the distinguished Australian pathologist Professor Robert Clancy has just come to our notice. Clancy was one of the first scientists out of the traps to warn that vaccines were not the panacea to defeat Covid – reported here on TCW exactly two years ago – and that treatment with hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin was the way to go.

Man becomes machine – nightmare agenda of the WEF

In his opening speech at the WEF Crystal Awards in Davos, Klaus Schwab referred to the many ‘crisis’ [sic] facing humanity, asking the question ‘How to master the future?’ To put it simply, humanity is a management problem from the point of view of the masters. From the point of view of humanity, the problem is the management.