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WHO Accords Warrant Sovereignty Concern

There is no emergency justifying the rushed process. An immediate pause and a slow and deliberative process would lead to better policy development and deliver better national and global health policy outcomes.

Is ‘Avian Flu’ Anything to Fear?

In brief, life since 2020 no longer resembles life in the traditional sense where, despite the societal changes wrought by technological change, one could still depend on a modicum of stability; stability is precisely what the changes inflicted upon people today are targeting. We are not ‘allowed’ any stability.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Causality

Not long ago I thought I had discovered the worst misinterpretation of a study on Covid vaccines, but I have just encountered another contender for the title. It was a study about vaccination and traffic crashes.

The True Costs of Pandemic Prevention and Response

Our analysis focused on the robustness of the cost estimations and whether the associated financial recommendations are justified as having appropriate returns on investment in support of the current pandemic preparedness agenda.

Why are important Covid documents not being released?

The most important stories from the Covid Inquiry are found in the written evidence and submitted statements. However, the Cabinet Office is refusing to release vital evidence that the Inquiry isn’t interested in, in case it ‘excessively focused’ the public’s attention on lockdown-decision making. If neither side change their position, the British people will be left in the dark.

Another Damning EU Vaccine Safety Report

Germany had the highest number of recorded cases, a total of 114,573, which accounted for 22.5% of all worldwide cases for that 6-month period. It is worth noting that from December 2020 through to June 2022, a staggering 323,684 individual reports of suspected Covid-19 vaccine side effects were received by The Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, an Agency of the German Federal Ministry of Health.