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The Putin interview: Tucker Carlson is vindicated

TUCKER Carlson’s interview with the Russian Premier, Vladimir Putin, marks the first time a Western journalist has interviewed the Russian leader since the country invaded Ukraine. It has caused a furore. Carlson has been slammed as a traitor. He’s been threatened with sanctions by EU lawmakers for taking this initiative.

This is the way the world ends . . .

RISHI Sunak flew to Ukraine a few days ago to sign an agreement for ‘security co-operation’ and ‘a hundred-year partnership’. This is in a context where the former head of the British Army is warning that our armed forces are so shrunken that we invite a 1930s-style disaster.

The vast corruption of Ukraine’s sanctions regime

…the sanctioned person or company cannot challenge the case against them or appeal like a normal legal action because they do not have access to the documents. Technically they can go to the courts, but this legal action can take many years and by that time their business is completely destroyed.’

In our lurch toward war in three places, who exactly will fight?

In the Art of War, Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu said, “if you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” This nugget of wisdom is as perceptive today as it was over 2,000 years ago. And it does not bode well for America.

Is this where world war three starts?

It is hard to imagine this dull, frowsy town being the centre of anything, frankly, let alone as a catalyst for the war to end civilisation. But it is worth keeping an eye upon Daugavpils and its somewhat feisty mayor. Just in case things get even nastier than they are right now.

Are Ukraine’s sabotage tricks going too far?

There has never been any doubt that Ukraine was the focus of an intelligence war as much as a physical one. But the extent of Western assistance, as well as growing concern at some Ukrainian tactics, is only now becoming clear.

Biden’s Supplemental War Games

Now that Republicans have a speaker, it’s time to get serious about priorities.

It’s past time for the Republicans to live up to their claim of fiscal responsibility. The Biden administration just handed them a contrast begging to be made.

Biden, Deterrence and Iran

An unfortunate reality of the Biden Presidency has been the failure of deterrence since the chaotic retreat from Afghanistan. White House warnings didn’t deter Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine, and they haven’t stopped Iran’s proxies from attacking U.S. forces or facilities some 83 times.