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Month: September 2023

Emergency on Planet Biden

More than 60 per cent of Democratic voters say they want a different candidate on their ticket in 2024. But nobody knows who that should be. Only 8 per cent of Democrats who want to ditch Biden support Kamala Harris; 20 per cent prefer ‘just someone else’. There is no credible alternative.

The race to Net Zero that can never be won

IT WAS in June 2019 that the UK became the first major economy to pass a law which required all greenhouse gas emissions to be brought to zero by 2050. This was nodded through Parliament without debate, and there was no price tag attached.

If Republicans Are So Out Of Touch, Why Do Democrats Keep Defecting?

Six elected Democrats have defected so far this year to join the Republican Party.

Now, Republicans have secured their highest profile defector yet. Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson announced his departure from the Democratic Party in a Wall Street Journal op-ed last week.

Day 1 of Formal Biden Impeachment Inquiry: 7 Big Takeaways

The House hearing featured a panel of experts in constitutional and tax law and was titled “The Basis for an Impeachment Inquiry of President Joseph R. Biden Jr.,” indicating that it could be the first of many such hearings.