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Judge Dismisses Biden Admin’s Motion to Dismiss Big Tech Collusion Case

In Missouri v. Biden, the states of Louisiana and Missouri allege that social media companies, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, censored certain viewpoints and users on their platforms at the direction of, and under coercive pressure by, top Biden administration officials and various federal government agencies.

Florida Libel Bill May Challenge Long-Standing Supreme Court Decision

As an elite security operator who had the skills and contacts to extract people from Afghanistan as it fell to the Taliban, Young saw himself savaged as a black marketer seeking to fleece helpless refugees and then not saving them to boot.

None of it was true, Young says in his libel lawsuit complaint against CNN.

American Views 2022: Part 2, Trust Media and Democracy

Democracy in America relies on an independent press to inform citizens with accurate information. Yet today, two forces pose significant challenges to this function: the growing struggle of news organizations to maintain financial independence and the growing distrust of news among the public.

Lineker is a symptom, the BBC is the disease

Everything that needs to be said about the wretched, toxic, cancerous corporation has already been said. Suffice it to say they stopped even pretending to be impartial a very long time ago.

The BBC are obsessed with all kinds of diversity except the only one that matters: diversity of opinion.

Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Aaronovitch?

No, parents toning down darker parts of children’s books for their kids at bedtime is not the same as publishers gutting a work that they did not create to be politically correct, whether it be against Roald Dahl, Ian Fleming or Enid Blyton.

Skullduggery at the FCC

Gigi Sohn withdraws, but Chair Jessica Rosenworcel tries to kill a merger on her own. Ms. Sohn’s defeat is good news for freedom of the airwaves, but Ms. Rosenworcel seems happy to do plenty of damage on her own.