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Censorship on Trial at the Supreme Court

Billed as one of the most consequential lawsuits of the last century, Murthy v. Missouri (formerly Missouri v Biden) is a legal battle that stands at the intersection of free speech protections and social media companies.

Fact-Checker, Check Thyself

In two articles on this site on November 13 and March 18, Andrew Lowenthal explained the intimate connections in the Virality Project between the US government, Stanford University, and Big Tech, to enforce Covid orthodoxy via the Censorship Industrial Complex.

Establishment Media, Left Attack Donald Trump for Promoting Bibles

The establishment media — which is notoriously anti-Trump — as well as some members of the far-left and anti-Trump Republicans, are attacking former President Donald Trump for promoting the “God Bless the USA Bible,” as he made it clear that America must “protect anything that is pro-God” and “pray again.”

Metaphor Alert!

A short recent history of political “bloodbaths.”

Biden said, “what we can’t let happen is let this primary become a negative bloodbath.”

Google’s A.I. Fiasco Exposes Deeper Infowarp

When the stock markets opened last Monday morning, February 26, Google shares promptly fell 4%, by Wednesday were down nearly 6%, and a week later have now fallen 8%.

The attempt by Washington and international partners to impose universal content codes and computational limits on a small number of legal AI providers is the new totalitarian playbook.

Ten years on, BBC bias is worse than ever

Nothing is happening to halt the ‘progressive’ agenda embraced by everyone at the BBC from the Director General downwards. All anyone can now do to resist BBC bias is to stop watching.