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Month: July 2022

Sheriff Wants Wisconsin Absentee Ballot Request Process Halted Due to Alleged Vulnerabilities to Fraud

The Sheriff’s Office stated citizens have reported that “With only a person’s name and date of birth, anyone can request another person’s ballot and have the ballot sent to any address entered. No identification is needed, and the requester can make a declaration of being indefinitely confined, thus, for the current and future elections, the requester will be sent someone else’s ballot at the different address.”

Election conspiracies grip Nevada community, sowing distrust

Commissioners called a parade of witnesses, including three from out of state who insisted voting machines could be hacked and votes flipped without leaving a trace. They said no county could be certain their machines weren’t accessible via the internet and open to tampering by nefarious actors.

EXCLUSIVE: Capitol Police Officers Were Investigated, Some Found Guilty of Being Friendly to Jan. 6 Protesters

Despite the mounting evidence continuously exposed by The Epoch Times that some law enforcement officers engaged in brutal, unprovoked attacks against essentially peaceful Jan. 6 protesters, every one of them has been cleared of wrongdoing. However, several documents obtained exclusively by The Epoch Times show other officers were investigated for being friendly with protesters, six of whom were found guilty and disciplined for their actions.

Ohio Leads Class-Action Lawsuit Against Facebook

Filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, the suit accuses Facebook of violating federal securities laws by publicly misrepresenting its policies and practices, thus artificially inflating the value of its stock—until whistleblowers came forward.

Keep an eye on Taiwan

TO GET a sneak preview of what will be all over our screens in the coming season – what we might call the Next Current Thing – it can be useful to read around the news a little.