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How ‘Our Democracy’ Became Undemocratic

Lincoln expressed the hope “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” Democracy, if it’s to mean anything, has to include all three of these components.

More Americans Are Ending Up Homeless—at a Record Rate

The data so far this year are up roughly 11% from 2022, a sharp jump that would represent by far the biggest recorded increase since the government started tracking comparable numbers in 2007. The next highest increase was a 2.7% jump in 2019, excluding an artificially high increase last year caused by pandemic counting interruptions.

How Can Mail-In Voting Be ‘Secure’ When Postal Theft Is Rampant?

At the end of the day, Democrats don’t care about the security in-person Election Day voting brings or the integrity of U.S. elections. All they care about is acquiring and maintaining power. If that means embracing risky voting policies like mail-in voting, then so be it.

Affirmative action and the nightmare that is Kamala Harris

Only a nation which has abandoned the meritocratic values that made it great could produce such a paragon of ineffable mediocrity as Kamala Harris.

If this madness continues (and it will take a lot more than the recent SCOTUS ruling to make it go away) such a policy will eventually spell doom for America, maybe sooner than you think.

Democrats Cry Crocodile Tears About ‘Our Democracy’ While Trying To Tear It Down

In reality, the Left’s crocodile tears about the fate of “our democracy” can be easily explained by the fact that when Democrats and left-wing activists speak of “democracy,” they really mean “progressivism.” It is quite a sleight of hand. The victim of that sleight of hand, unfortunately and ironically, is actual American democracy itself.