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Month: June 2021

New York’s Mayoral Primary Vote Count Voided After 135,000 Ballot Discrepancy

“Let me get this straight? You can be off by 135,000 votes in a New York City mayoral primary alone but if someone loses the White House by less than 45,000 across multiple states in a presidential election you can’t have any questions,” Trump Jr. wrote in a Twitter post. “Seems legit … if you live in China.”

‘Defund The Police’ Was Always A Democrat Scheme, Not A Republican One

White House press secretary Jen Psaki continues to perpetuate the lie that Republicans were the political party set on defunding the police. The White House spin machine appears to be working overtime to ensure this false narrative takes off, but evidence shows that Democrats, not Republicans, are the ones who always wanted to defund the police.

Trump returns to border, blames Biden for immigration mess

Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday is set to touch down in Texas to cast a bright light on what he sees as the Biden administration’s failed approach to illegal immigration and the “humanitarian crisis” that is playing out in his absence.