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Lawsuit: Fulton County Election Board Wrongfully Withholding Records From GOP Member

In a 2-1 decision, the state board ruled “that Fulton County must have an independent election monitor to oversee its elections after it found more than 3,000 ballots were scanned twice during the 2020 presidential recount,” as Lyman summarized. The board, however, declined to send the matter to the Georgia attorney general for further investigation.

Trump Reveals Latest Condition Biden Team Apparently Wants For Debates

Since, Biden and Trump have both accepted two debates: one on June 27 broadcasted on CNN and the other Sept. 10 on ABC News. Trump has accepted a proposal for a vice presidential debate on Fox News, though the Biden campaign has not. Instead, the Biden campaign accepted CBS News’ vice presidential debate proposal.

Trump Demands Biden Take Drug Test Before First Debate

The presidential candidates have agreed to take part in two debates.

If Biden “makes it through the debate—and I think he will—they‘ll say ’it was the finest debate performance in history,’” the GOP candidate said.