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Month: April 2024

The Trump Trial, Columbia Anarchy—and Hope for New York

We learn that 13 of the 18 jurors and alternates in Mr. Trump’s trial get their news from the New York Times, helpfully validating the artist’s parody of an urban elite equipped with a narrowly ill-informed and heavily distorted worldview.

Fund manager indicates Jim Biden was in business with Qatari officials

New details about Jim Biden’s foreign fundraising efforts are spilling out in a Kentucky bankruptcy court, where recent testimony indicates that President Joe Biden’s brother partnered with Qatari government officials in his quest to find money for U.S. health care ventures.

The Face Behind Australia’s Censorship Push

Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant, has made international headlines over alleged censorship creep in an escalating standoff with social media platform X, owned by billionaire Elon Musk.

Can You Guess the Most Unpopular Leader in Congress?

It’s no secret that Congress is highly unpopular with the American people. For years, it consistently has ranked near the bottom of U.S. institutions. This month’s Gallup/Newsweek poll put its disapproval at 80%.