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Month: September 2022

Did The US Sabotage Nord Stream?

We are barreling towards the possibility of a nuclear conflict with Russia, and it seems like Washington is being almost as reckless as Moscow.

Conservatives are fighting back

THE US mid-term elections are under two months away. Forget any poll that over-samples Democrats, though bizarrely most US polls do. Barring some big political event in the next seven or eight weeks, the Republicans will retake the House of Representatives.

Toxic Monopolies

The Daily Sceptic is dedicated to expressing scepticism about three contemporary cults: the cult of Covid-19, the cult of Climate Crisis and the cult of Wokery.
We are, I think, in a world of TOXIC MONOPOLIES.

House Passes Sweeping Antitrust Package Targeting Big Tech

The bill, known as the Merger Fee Filing Modernization Act, passed 242 to 184, combining a trio of antitrust bills designed to limit the impact of Big Tech firms by increasing merger application fees to fund stricter antitrust enforcement, requiring companies to disclose foreign subsidies when applying for a merger and exempting antitrust lawsuits brought by state attorneys general from processes that can result in court cases being transferred to districts more favorable to defenders.

Senate GOP Judiciary Committee to Investigate ‘Excessive’ FBI Raid of Pennsylvania Pro-Life Activist’s Home

“Not only did your office turn a local dispute into a national case, but the FBI reportedly executed the search warrant in as extreme a manner as one can imagine,” a Sept. 26 letter, sent individually by Sen. Josh Hawley said. “The FBI admitted in a statement that as many as 20 agents were present with their guns drawn.”

Houck was handcuffed in front of his wife and seven children during the 7 a.m. arrest and search of his home.

Plucky little Ukraine is rotten to the core

In a 2021 index of world corruption, where the UK scores 79, Ukraine scores 32, just above Russia on 29. The Guardian has described Ukraine as ‘the most corrupt nation in Europe’. Writing in The American Conservative in April 2022, Ted Galen Carpenter states that ‘at best, Ukraine is a corrupt, quasi‐democratic entity with troubling repressive policies’.

What Really Went Wrong in Britain

Everyone needs a scapegoat in an economic crisis, and much of the world has settled on blaming British Prime Minister Liz Truss’s economic plans. The International Monetary Fund and the Biden Administration have piled on, which conveniently deflects from their failed policies that produced inflation and slow growth.