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Biden’s ruinous foreign policy 1: Ukraine

This was not an act of nuanced statecraft, but of hardheaded escalation, hubris and plain stupidity. Through his obstinate refusal to acknowledge any diplomatic responsibilities to the Minsk Accords, Biden unambiguously provoked Putin to launch the terrible war of escalation that unfolded.

Doctor Sounds Alarm On Biden’s ‘Mental Lapses’ And ‘Anger’

Dr. Marc Siegel on Monday asserted during a Fox Business interview that President Joe Biden’s verbal missteps and angry outbursts are a sign that his health has deteriorated and called on his doctors to be more transparent about the president’s condition.

‘My Memory Is Fine’: Another Unforgettable Denial of Reality

The leader of the free world is a fragile ornament, wrapped in cotton wool, protected by aides from falls and gaffes, sheltered by staff (and in Mr. Biden’s case by much of the media) from accountability, gently cocooned from the risk of doing or saying anything he can’t control.

Inflation at 3.1% Reflects Stubborn Pricing Pressure

Inflation cooled again in January but came in above Wall Street’s expectations, clouding the Federal Reserve’s path to rate cuts and potentially giving the central bank ammunition to wait until the middle of the year.

Joe Biden isn’t working

Joe Biden isn’t working. That much has been clear to anyone who has followed American politics for the past four years. The 81-year-old often has no idea what he is saying or where he is.