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America Hits the Global Snooze Button

In an increasingly alarming world, the West can’t afford to rest for much longer.

Many Americans still don’t fully grasp how serious the international situation has become. Iran has set the Middle East ablaze, Russia is advancing in Ukraine, and China is pursuing pressure campaigns against Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines.

The Global Wave of Childhood Pneumonia

It’s not only China that is dealing with increasing numbers of respiratory illnesses. The Netherlands and Denmark reported a sharp rise in pneumonia and whooping cough in children, while England is noticing a brutal cold virus in adults and children and Argentina reported a strep A breakout. Most recently in the US, a childhood pneumonia outbreak, dubbed white lung syndrome, has been reported.

Super-rich US Marxists funding pro-Palestinian rage

WE should never forget that golden rule – follow the money – something most of the mainstream media here have singularly failed to do in the case of the pro-Palestinian protests that have swept the world and taken over our streets.