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Month: March 2024

The Amateur Who Unraveled Wuhan

In March 2020, Tye emerged as a singular figure in the scrutiny of the origins of the Covid-19 virus, using primary sources such as job postings and communications between Chinese researchers – putting to shame a New York Times reporter’s top-down approach of channeling Dr. Fauci (who himself may have been channeling CCP agitprop).

Establishment Media, Left Attack Donald Trump for Promoting Bibles

The establishment media — which is notoriously anti-Trump — as well as some members of the far-left and anti-Trump Republicans, are attacking former President Donald Trump for promoting the “God Bless the USA Bible,” as he made it clear that America must “protect anything that is pro-God” and “pray again.”

Biden’s Big Bet on Military Abortions Falls Flat

No single related action garnered more attention than Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin‘s announcement that the Defense Department would use taxpayer funds to pay for abortion travel. Now, a new Pentagon report finds that the Biden administration’s abortion travel policy for service members and dependents was used only 12 times from June through December.