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Democrats Fear the Truth About Biden’s 2024 Presidential Run

A re-election campaign is a manifestly bad idea, but members of his party are too cowardly to admit it.
Polls show most Democratic voters don’t want Mr. Biden to run again, but Democratic elites apparently believe that any dissent from party leadership or independent thinking—even in the name of an obvious truth—is dangerous to their job security.

Here’s What The GOP Should Be Focusing On Heading Into 2024

A Republican either has to win back the Rust Belt or widen the battleground map to prevail next year. Trump received more electoral votes in 2016 than George W. Bush did in his successful 2004 reelection effort. The Trump map remains the best map for the GOP.

Biden Enlists Potential Rivals to Help With Projected 2024 Run

With an objective to unify the party, Biden has hand-picked a team of governors, senators, and other recognizable Democrats who will deliver speeches and appear in media interviews leading up to his expected announcement to pursue a second term.

Louder than ever, Orwell’s warnings ring true

YES, I know: we’re all getting a little sick and tired of hearing or reading references to George Orwell by people who have not read him or have only a distant memory of Animal Farm in school.

When Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, sales of 1984, Orwell’s last and greatest novel, increased dramatically.