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Poll: Donald Trump Dominates Joe Biden in Georgia

The survey showed Trump, the runaway frontrunner in the Republican primary race, leading the incumbent in the Peach State by eight percentage points — 45 percent to Biden’s 37 percent support.

Brace yourselves for the Great American Election Freak-Out of 2024

‘If Trump wasn’t running,’ said Joe Biden last week, ‘I’m not sure I’d be running.’ That’s a curiously uninspiring remark for an American leader seeking re-election to make. Yet ever since 2019, Biden’s pitch for the presidency has been essentially negative: if you don’t support me, you’ll get him.

Joe, We Knew Ye

The Obama courtier David Axelrod tiptoed near a truth recently: If Donald Trump is everything Democrats say, they ought to nominate a candidate who is better able to beat him.

Mr. Biden is like a President Clouseau fumbling around a room and breaking everything he touches.

Trouble for Biden in Biden Country?

On the question of presidential mendacity, according to a recent Economist/YouGov poll, only 39% of U.S. adults think Mr. Biden is honest and trustworthy. Also, despite the President’s years of denials regarding his family’s enrichment schemes, the latest Harvard-Harris Poll finds that a full 60% of respondents believe he helped and participated in Hunter Biden’s business.

Joe Biden’s Unpopularity Isn’t a Misunderstanding

Millions of voters are using these simple measures to determine whether they are better off today than they were under Donald Trump. Their verdict hides in plain sight in Joe Biden’s dismal job-approval ratings.