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John Durham Finds Russiagate’s Rosetta Stone

The press should be eager now for Mr. Durham’s final report because the special counsel has unexpectedly drawn a bead on the true Rosetta Stone of 2016, the primary victim of which was not Donald Trump but Hillary Clinton.

James Comey’s Crosswise Hurricane

James Comey may have been right about Russia collusion after all. But instead of the Trump campaign, the alleged culprit was a member of Mr. Comey’s own team at the FBI.

DOJ Subpoenaed Google to Access Personal Info of House Staffers During Russia-Trump Probe: Report

The Department of Justice (DOJ) allegedly used grand jury subpoenas to secretly access personal information belonging to House Republican staffers – including email communications, residential addresses, and cellphone data – while Republican lawmakers simultaneously worked to obtain evidence that the FBI’s investigation into the now disproven Trump–Russia collusion narrative was false, according to a report by Just the News.