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Florida Libel Bill May Challenge Long-Standing Supreme Court Decision

As an elite security operator who had the skills and contacts to extract people from Afghanistan as it fell to the Taliban, Young saw himself savaged as a black marketer seeking to fleece helpless refugees and then not saving them to boot.

None of it was true, Young says in his libel lawsuit complaint against CNN.

Google faces Supreme Court in case that could decide future of Section 230

Google prevailed in lower courts by arguing that it is protected by Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act. The law is often seen as a shield because it prevents platforms from being sued for hosting harmful user posts, a measure that has been credited with paving the way for tech titans to reap financial windfalls.

House Judiciary Committee To Investigate Dobbs Leak: REPORT

The House Judiciary Committee intends to continue investigating the Supreme Court draft opinion leak that surrounded Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, an anonymous source close to the committee told Fox News.

The Trump Tax Return Precedent

House Democrats released Donald Trump’s tax returns to the public on Friday, four days before they lose their majority, and in the process did more harm to their reputation than to the former President’s. The dump is a violation of taxpayer privacy with no legislative purpose, and it could open an ugly new battlefield in American politics.

‘Lead To Horrible Things’: Trump Responds To Democrats Getting His Tax Returns

“The Radical Left Democrats have weaponized everything, but remember, that is a dangerous two-way street! The ‘Trump’ tax returns once again show how proudly successful I have been and how I have been able to use depreciation and various other tax deductions as an incentive for creating thousands of jobs and magnificent structures and enterprises,” Trump added in his statement.