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The January 6 Committee’s Final Act: Pointless Criminal Referrals of Trump

Forget the committee’s opening vow to establish that Trump masterminded a multipart conspiratorial enterprise. Here, the committee can’t even prove its basic point. The truth of the matter is that Trump intended to disrupt the transition of power. The committee has not come close to proving — much less proving beyond a reasonable doubt — that he intended disruption of the peaceful transition of power.

The Jan. 6 Inquiry’s Not-So-Grand Finale

The House Jan. 6 committee decided Monday that the best way to cap its 18 months of work would be a political gesture.
What is this supposed to accomplish? A Congressional referral to the Justice Department has all the legal force of an interoffice memo.

Could the Jan. 6 Committee Destroy Evidence?

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) recently stated the committee will “scrub” some evidence containing personal identifiable information. But is personal identifiable information the only evidence that will be redacted?