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Docs Reveal FBI Questioned Obama DOJ in Hillary Email Probe

“The failure to hold Clinton accountable paved the way for the Biden family corruption scheme, which is essentially a unsophisticated version of the Clinton Global Foundation,” Howell, of Heritage’s Oversight Project, told The Daily Signal.

John Durham Finds Russiagate’s Rosetta Stone

The press should be eager now for Mr. Durham’s final report because the special counsel has unexpectedly drawn a bead on the true Rosetta Stone of 2016, the primary victim of which was not Donald Trump but Hillary Clinton.

Durham Blasts FBI Corruption Despite Danchenko Acquittal

Are we living in a ‘post-truth’ America?

“These political witch hunts and prosecutions are very real, whether it’s January 6 or otherwise,” says Kash.

We also discuss the next steps for Durham, whether any corrupt FBI agents will be prosecuted, and what viewers can expect on the next season of Kash’s Corner.