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Durham Blasts FBI Corruption Despite Danchenko Acquittal

Are we living in a ‘post-truth’ America?

“These political witch hunts and prosecutions are very real, whether it’s January 6 or otherwise,” says Kash.

We also discuss the next steps for Durham, whether any corrupt FBI agents will be prosecuted, and what viewers can expect on the next season of Kash’s Corner.

Bring On the Durham Report

The special counsel can now tell the story of the Fbi and the Russia collusion probe. Mr. Durham, who was appointed by Mr. Barr, is the only reason America has had a glimpse of the FBI abuses. Any attempt to squelch his report would compound the scandal.

Durham Case Reveals Details of FBI’s Reliance on Danchenko

Danchenko’s information was spread throughout intelligence community, FBI handler testifies
Under questioning, Helson was forced to admit that he never did a background check on Danchenko, despite citing Danchenko as perhaps the most valuable asset of the FBI’s Washington Field Office.