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Covid: It’s not really about the data

SINCE the beginning of the pandemic I’ve divided people’s objections to the Covid policies into two categories: arguments that depend on specific features of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and arguments that would carry the same weight with any virus and any pandemic.

Fall of the Experts

In July of 2020, I was heartened by an interview by Freddie Sayers on Unherd with Anders Tegnell, the architect of Sweden’s COVID response. The interview was full of nuanced and common-sense statements by Tegnell. For example, he pointed out the lack of evidence and precedence for draconian lockdowns and their potential for enormous collateral harm.

The corrupted science behind Biden’s Covid jab mandates

PRESIDENT Joe Biden decreed on September 9, 2021, that more than 100million Americans must get Covid vaccine injections.

But newly disclosed emails show that the Food and Drug Administration’s official certification of the jabs as ‘safe and effective’ was the result of a bureaucratic bait-and-switch.

Fauci and the New York Times

Remember the government disease doctor who once described the Covid lockdown policies he was promoting as merely “inconvenient”? Trillions of dollars and countless shattered lives later, now the country’s most forceful advocate for shuttering U.S. society is pretending he was inconsequential.

The disturbing truth about ‘safe’ vaccines for mothers-to-be

‘SAFE and effective’ is a slogan indelibly imprinted on our brains. It was applied, of course, to the novel mRNA vaccines, released globally in early 2021 to protect us against Covid-19. We were told they were ‘experimental’ but encouraged to take them; ‘coerced’ may be a better word.

‘Dark, Dark Tunnel’: GOP Senators Report Second Lab Leak From Wuhan Institute Of Virology

The HELP Committee report, obtained by the Daily Caller ahead of its official Tuesday release, provides “a significant amount of evidence to disprove the theory” that COVID-19 emerged from the Huanan seafood market, Kansas Sen. Roger Marshall told reporters. It emphasizes that an accidental leak, brought on by unsafe laboratory conditions, is the most likely origin of COVID-19.

The fake ‘reopening’ plan that trapped America in lockdown

The script was wrong but dominant. The end goal was implicit eradication, which was always impossible, and getting there required case minimisation, which was a massive immunological error. At some point in the following week, something went off in Trump’s head and he began to wonder if he had been played. He wasn’t sure but he began to suspect it.