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Why won't the Roe Vs Wade reversal matter in the mid-terms as much as some folks think?

Whilst it looks like there is a chasm of divide across the USA, as is often the case, the facts suggest otherwise. The divide is created by matching pro-life against pro-choice.  41% approve of the new ruling and 59% disapprove (source YouGov). However, in more detail the situation is different. For instance, in another poll (by Pew Research Center) 79% of pro-life are open to some restrictions. 42% of pro-choice are also open to some restrictions.  

The Supreme Court’s didn’t make a decision directly about abortion, they made a decision on whether it is a ‘constitutional right’. The states now decide. Whilst there have been a knee jerk reaction from the states, abortion restrictions will be debated at great length and the state laws tweaked on a regular basis. It may not be the top of every Americans current concern, as the country suffers, but politicians know how important every vote is, including how restrictions can help bridge that divide.

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