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A 2020 Election Audit that flew almost totally under the radar.

It began on May 11th and is still ongoing at time of writing, in a building guarded 24/7 by state troopers.

Where?  In Windham, New Hampshire, with only 15 thousand voters.

Why?  A democrat, yes democrat, candidate was unhappy at the very tight result. Kristi St. Laurent lost by 24 votes.  An auto-recount was made by hand. It was found she lost 99 more votes, than the 24 in the election.  The 4 republicans gained around 300 votes each.  The remaining 3 democrats gained 18 to 28 votes. ‘Pretty much the whole room was shocked’ St. Laurent informed CNN.  

She believed there may have been improper programming of the voting machines & suspected double voting had occurred.  It required approval from the New Hampshire Gov. to proceed – a republican. The Bill authorized a forensic analysis & a comprehensive recount related the optical scanning Accuvote machines.  

Early indications indicated the machine counts did not match hand counts.   The audit included: examining the ballot counting machines, the memory cards, hand tabulations of ballot paper, etc.. They wisely decided to look at other voting events, not just the main 2020 election, to look for trends of any kind.


It should be noted that they did not audit the presidential seats.  4 republicans won the local election, for the 4 seats being contested.  

It started with a few statements at a press briefing:  The Town Council reported to New Hampshire that ‘the general magnitude of error was shocking’.  ‘Patterns of discrepancies between election results and updated results after hand counts, seems unusual if not unprecedented’. ‘Nothing is proven, that’s why we need the audit’.

A 3-person team was designated to manage the audit, including experts on electronic voting security. 2 from ‘Verified Voting’ who are regarded as ‘left of centre’, as supported by one of them protested against a similar forensic audit taking place in Arizona led by the republicans. Much to the concern of attendees at a town hall meeting to discuss the auditors. The 3rd member was a statistical professor from Berkeley, Univ. Of California. There were 20 volunteer observers allowed in, as well as the media, all registered daily.  A live link was set up so that the process was done under live-streaming cameras, for added transparency.   

From the start it was obvious the voting machine used for absentee ballots was hugely unreliable.  Fold lines in the ballot papers were being interpreted as either a valid vote, or subtracts it as a false over-vote.  Further machines were checked, and found to have ‘vastly different error rates with same ballots’.  One example of 75 folded votes put through the machine counted only 48 votes!  Essentially, it was stated, as an examples, if there were 4 republican votes and a crease through a democrat. It would assume an over-vote and subtract the republican votes.  If there were less than the 4 votes, the fold could  count for the democrat.

As the machines were reading differently it was stated that it could be more than just the fold effecting the results, though it was deemed to be enough reason to confirm none-validity.

So as it comes to a final close what are the findings and how is it reported?

No evidence of ‘widespread fraud’.  This is an anti-trump term used as far afield as the FBI Director when interviewed back in early March on CNN, when he said exactly the same!  Who is looking for ‘widespread’?  We must assume that there is at least none-widespread fraud.  And on CNN the audit team spokesperson said ‘nothing changed who gets elected’…in this case the republicans.  It’s a new narrative from the left, in case the audits are not what they want, that it ‘isn’t going to change the election’.  

Improperly folded ballots are believed to have skewed the count, as the fold appears to the machine as a shading i.e. a vote. Which can relate to a miss-vote.  One machine showed that only 28% of votes were counted in the test.   Oddly, the fold usually went through St. Laurent’s name..   It seems that the folds were placed by a ‘borrowed folding machine’.

However, while it hasn’t affected the result in Windham, it has opened a pandora’s box of issues. Such as the left doing the audit. The fact absentee ballots are most affected.  That the results are so distorted, it is reasonable to assume it is worth checking elsewhere, starting with the rest of New Hampshire, where Trump lost.  And why wouldn’t anyone want to check the actual presidency vote in Windham?