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‘Worrying Trend’: Global Nuclear Stockpile Set to Grow for First Time Since Cold War

Of the estimated 12,705 nuclear warheads in existence at the start of 2022, roughly 9,440 were in military stockpiles for potential use, according to SIPRI. Of those, an estimated 3,732 were deployed with missiles and aircraft, and about 2,000—nearly all of which belonged to Russia or the U.S.—were kept in a state of high operational readiness.

OPEC’s Nod to Biden Will Help Saudis, Not Oil Users

The group is almost certainly going to fall behind its stepped-up target in the months ahead. Even after taking Russia out of the equation, OPEC+ as a group was producing 1.32 million barrels a day below its collective target in April, according to IEA data.

Is Ukraine’s War Now America’s War?

Last week, sources leaked to The New York Times that, in Ukraine’s targeting and killing of Russian generals and the sinking of Russia’s Black Sea flagship, the Moskva, U.S. intelligence played an indispensable role.

Iran imposes sanctions on 24 Americans as nuclear talks stall

Iran said on Saturday it had imposed sanctions on 24 more Americans, including former Army Chief of Staff George Casey and former President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, as months of talks to revive a 2015 nuclear deal have stalled.

China Tells EU To Break Away From The US On Russian Sanctions, Will It Work?

Beijing has tried to create a rift between the EU and the U.S. by telling Brussels to pursue an “independent” policy toward the Russian-Ukraine war.

The Global Times, an English-language Chinese publication, noted how Beijing is encouraging EU leaders to take a “primary role for Ukrainian resolution.”

Yes, Biden deserves blame for imperiling Ukraine

Should Russia escalate its infringement on Ukraine’s national sovereignty, as Russian President Vladimir Putin has made clear the former, and wannabe future, empire plans to do, the president-cum-dictator deserves the overwhelming bulk of the blame. But that doesn’t remotely absolve President Joe Biden of blame for enabling Putin’s escalation, nor does pointing out that our president failed our Ukrainian ally and aided Russia. Of course, Biden’s stateside allies would have us believe the opposite.

Weakness at Home Drives Putin to Invade Ukraine

The use of foreign aggression to rally support for the regime is not new in Russia. For many Russians, the idea that they were citizens of a powerful state was historically a vital part of their identity. The 2014 annexation of Crimea was presented as a return to Russian greatness and, in its wake, Mr. Putin’s approval rating rose to 80% from 60%. The annexation inspired a wave of euphoria and mass celebrations that lasted five years.