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Putin’s Best Weapon: Bidenomics

A recession would work to his advantage. In a time of economic and security peril, the U.S. has forsaken pro-growth policies.

If you’re Vladimir Putin, connect the dots: Your most potent weapon isn’t a battlefield nuke. It’s Bidenomics.

The Final Q2 GDP Report Is Here and It’s Not Good

While the Biden administration insists that the U.S. is not in a recession by pointing to misleading indicators — such as the labor market — that are expected to buckle under the pressure of inflation and Federal Reserve interest rate hikes, there’s no sign that relief for Americans and the larger economy are coming soon.

Biden’s America Is Running on Empty

U.S. petroleum reserves haven’t been this low since 1984. This week, the White House announced plans to release another additional 10 million barrels from the SPR in early November. This could perhaps be an attempt to tamp down gasoline prices before the midterm elections.

US markets sink on unexpectedly high inflation

Inflation in the US remained unexpectedly high last month, news that drove Wall Street to its worst day in more than two years.
Prices rose 8.3% in the 12 months through August, the Labor Department said, faster than the 8.1% that economists had expected.