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Plucky little Ukraine is rotten to the core

In a 2021 index of world corruption, where the UK scores 79, Ukraine scores 32, just above Russia on 29. The Guardian has described Ukraine as ‘the most corrupt nation in Europe’. Writing in The American Conservative in April 2022, Ted Galen Carpenter states that ‘at best, Ukraine is a corrupt, quasi‐democratic entity with troubling repressive policies’.

We could end world hunger right now, but the eco-fascists won’t allow it

According to calculations done by real scientists at Princeton University in the US, (not the scientists-for-sale we see continually being interviewed by the mainstream media), if the US and Europe were to decrease their use of ethanol made from grain by 50 per cent – that would mean just moving back from E10 petrol to E5 petrol – they would effectively replace all of Ukraine’s exports of grain.

Russia-Ukraine war latest: what we know on day 159 of the invasion

Russia is moving large numbers of troops to Ukraine’s south in preparation for a Ukrainian counteroffensive, according to Ukraine’s deputy head of military intelligence. “They are increasing their troop numbers, preparing for our counteroffensive [in Ukraine’s south] and perhaps preparing to launch an offensive of their own,”

The West impales itself on the sanctions sword

THE West’s strategy against Russia in Ukraine is fast proving a total fiasco, with unintended consequences for international food and energy provision which will inevitably worsen in the coming months.