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Trump Posts on Truth Social Signaling His Return to Social Media

After over a million users spent weeks on a waitlist, the app switched to Rumble’s cloud services on April 22 in a move the company said would enable it to “scale significantly.” Days later, on April 26, the Truth Social app rose to No. 1 on the Apple App Store downloads list.

Democrats’ worst Trump nightmare

There’s something much worse than losing the House, and possibly the Senate, that’s rattling top Democrats who are studying polling and election trends:

The big picture: It’s the possibility of a re-elected President Trump with a compliant, filibuster-proof Senate majority in January 2025.

Biden’s Immigration Damage

The latest fiasco is his decision to rescind a Trump-era policy known as Title 42 on May 23. The law lets the federal government deport border crossers who claim asylum during a public-health emergency. Since March 2020 some two million migrants have been turned away under Title 42 authority, and President Biden has no backup plan.

House GOP Leader Won’t Commit to Biden Impeachment

“Look, one thing we learned that the Democrats did is they used impeachment for political reasons,” he told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on April 10.

Former President Donald Trump was impeached twice in Democrat-led efforts. However, those impeachments ultimately failed in the Senate.