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How insect ‘civilisations’ recast our place in the Universe

When looking to other creatures for signs of intelligence, insects are rarely the most obvious candidates, but as the historian Thomas Moynihan writes, it wasn’t always so. What can the early-20th Century fascination with bug societies tell us about our own?

The strange search for dinosaur genitals

The sordid details of how dinosaurs had sex have long eluded scientists. Now there’s a new idea emerging – could their most eccentric features tell us how they did it?

How ‘Science’ Went Woke

“Believe in science.”

You’ve probably seen that common—and silly—trope on left-wing political lawn signs. But what does it mean?

Science is a method, a tool, but those lawn signs seem to be calling for something else.

The statement instead most likely signifies that one believes in the politically compromised science of institutions promoting ideological outcomes.

Question Everything

Asking questions is at the heart of science. Science is not an institution and not an authority. Science is never settled. It’s forever evolving through conjecture and criticism. Questions form the basis of all scientific inquiry and scientific progress.