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Conservatives are fighting back

THE US mid-term elections are under two months away. Forget any poll that over-samples Democrats, though bizarrely most US polls do. Barring some big political event in the next seven or eight weeks, the Republicans will retake the House of Representatives.

Senate GOP Judiciary Committee to Investigate ‘Excessive’ FBI Raid of Pennsylvania Pro-Life Activist’s Home

“Not only did your office turn a local dispute into a national case, but the FBI reportedly executed the search warrant in as extreme a manner as one can imagine,” a Sept. 26 letter, sent individually by Sen. Josh Hawley said. “The FBI admitted in a statement that as many as 20 agents were present with their guns drawn.”

Houck was handcuffed in front of his wife and seven children during the 7 a.m. arrest and search of his home.

Democrats Vote Down GOP Resolution to Investigate Hunter Biden

Should Republicans retake the House after the 2022 midterm elections, Tuesday’s Oversight Committee vote suggests it is a sign of things to come. Other GOP lawmakers in both the House and Senate have signaled a willingness to probe the Biden family’s overseas ties and family businesses.