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The Uncredible Jan. 6 Committee

What’s actually missing in this special sauce of prime TV hours, slick videos and positive press is the one ingredient truly vital for public interest: credibility.
Can Americans trust the findings of a panel whose members began with a preconceived narrative and blackballed any dissenting voices?

The Ginni Thomas Texts and the Jan. 6 Committee

What story do you think would deserve to push the biggest war in Europe in nearly 80 years down from the lead news of the day? If you said the private text messages of the wife of a Supreme Court Justice, you are apparently qualified to run a major American newsroom.

That’s the leak-on-a-silver-platter news the Washington Post blared at the top of its homepage on Thursday evening.

Nancy Pelosi’s Son Allegedly Tied To Fraud, Bribery Scheme: Report

Pelosi Jr. applied for one of the same permits that Bernie Curran and Rodrigo Santos were indicted for: Report
It is speculated that Pelosi Jr. helped remove violations from a hotel owned by his former girlfriend
Pelosi Jr. was linked to at least five business entities under investigation for fraud