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CensorTrack Documents Over 800 Cases of Big Tech Censoring COVID-19 Debate

Big Tech speech restrictions turned COVID-19 into the most pro-censorship environment in the U.S. at least since World War II. Media Research Center has found more than 800 examples of bans, deleted content, and other speech restrictions related to the virus, as well as to resultant vaccines masking and government policies.

Opinion: Finding truth in a world of fiction

The confusion and cacophony of conflicting opinions that you see around you today has had a deep effect on all of you. It’s natural that it would. Americans disagree dramatically on an amazingly broad range of questions, including many of the most important ones.

The International Spyware Scandal Runs Deeper Than Pegasus

On July 18, the Guardian and 16 other media outlets began publishing a series of stories about the Israeli-based NSO Group, alleging that foreign governments used the company’s Pegasus software to surveil at least 180 journalists and numerous other targets around the world.

Biden blows up at news conference after Putin meeting

On the defensive and appearing on edge after ceding the public relations advantage to Russian President Vladimir Putin at their historic summit, President Biden lashed out at the American press at the end of a short, 33-minute briefing.

Most of the media will sleep through the Biden years

Researchers analyzed reporting from major TV networks and newspapers during the first 60 days of the five most recent presidencies and found that only 19% of Biden stories were negative. By comparison, 62% of stories on former President Donald Trump were negative.