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Dave Rubin fires back at Twitter for locking account on ‘harmful’ COVID tweet: ‘They’re coming for everybody’

“Everything I said in that tweet is true,” Rubin told Fox News in an interview. “Every single thing that I said in that tweet was true and this is a complete continuation of silencing any sort of dissent, anyone that questions the narrative is in a lot of trouble when it comes to Big Tech and we better fight it because we’re running out of time.”

Persuasion Tactics the Media Uses to Sway You

Every institution has an agenda. The media is no exception — that’s why unbiased news doesn’t exist. While it’s the media’s duty to try to be objective and unbiased, there’s no denying the immense profit media outlets and their owners stand to gain from persuading us. The fact that these tactics or their occurrence isn’t common knowledge makes this process easier.

YouTube Censors North Carolina County Government Meeting

A county board of commissioners in North Carolina is pushing back against tech giant Google after YouTube, owned by Google, deleted one of the board’s videos for allegedly violating YouTubes terms and conditions regarding medical misinformation.