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Biden Emerges as Progressive Government’s Mr. Bad Example

When the president made those remarks, 527,726 Covid-19 deaths had been reported in America. We know the number precisely because he told us, citing the card he said he carried with him every day. If he still has that card in his pocket, it will now register a number above 800,000. How can this be? Didn’t he say he knew what to do? Didn’t we just have to follow the science and trust the government?

Biden Bungles His Crisis

The Manchin mess and spending spree are a White House misreading the political moment.

Biden’s Agenda Hits a Senate Wall

The parliamentarian nixes Schumer’s plan to evade the filibuster via ‘reconciliation.’

Democratic centrists keep warning the Biden administration about the political risk of untethered progressive governance. It might have taken a quiet Senate lawyer to drive their point home.