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Biden Has Met the Enemy, and He Is Us

The mistrust of political leaders that has been eroding American national cohesion for years is matched only by their apparent willingness to say and do things that justify it.

So when Vice President Kamala Harris suggests, as she did last week, a sort of equivalence between last year’s Capitol riot on the one hand and Pearl Harbor and 9/11 on the other, we might give her the benefit of the doubt and put it down to a characteristic combination of historical ignorance, cheap rhetorical excess and hyperpartisan overreach

Kamala Harris’ Trip To South America Suffers Early Missteps

Technical failures and political embarrassments marred the opening days of Vice President Kamala Harris’ immigration tour of Central America, and she is now heading to meet a second head of state who blames the Biden-Harris administration for the immigration surge at the U.S. border.