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Hubble: ‘Single star’ detected at record-breaking distance

They’ve nicknamed it “Earendel” and it’s the most distant, single star yet imaged by a telescope.

The light from this object has taken 12.9 billion years to reach us.

It’s at the sort of distance that telescopes normally would only be able to resolve galaxies containing millions of stars.

But the Hubble space observatory has picked out Earendel individually by exploiting a natural phenomenon that’s akin to using a zoom lens.

Hubble telescope successor faces ‘two weeks of terror’

Engineers like to describe the process of landing a rover on Mars as the “seven minutes of terror”.

That’s how long it takes for a robot to come to a standing-stop at the surface of the Red Planet after entering the atmosphere faster than a rifle bullet; and so much has to go right in-between to avoid smashing into the ground.