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Ex-Clinton Campaign Lawyer Fights Durham’s Use of FBI Expert Testimony

Attorneys for former Democratic National Committee attorney Michael Sussmann filed a motion seeking to exclude certain expert testimony from his case, accusing special counsel John Durham’s attorneys of missing a key deadline and asking a judge to block testimony in his false statement case.

John Durham: Ex-Clinton Lawyer Allegedly Lied to FBI in Writing

Special counsel John Durham published potentially conclusive evidence in the case against former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann on Monday night, showing alleged text messages the cybersecurity lawyer sent to the FBI general counsel that he wasn’t working for any client when he provided information to the bureau.

Barr: John Durham Will ‘Get to the Bottom’ of Trump-Russia Investigation

Former Attorney General Bill Barr said special counsel John Durham will “get to the bottom” of how the Trump–Russia investigation unfolded.

“I think whether or not there are more indictments, I think Durham is going to get to the bottom of it as well as anyone can,” Barr told Fox News as he promoted his book, claiming Durham will release a lengthy “report that lays out the facts.”