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Senate Votes to Reverse Biden Administration’s Environmental Rules

In April, the Biden administration announced that it was restoring environmental regulations under NEPA that President Donald Trump had rolled back in 2020. Trump’s decision was motivated by a desire to cut red tape and make it easier to complete infrastructure projects in America.

Germany to reactivate coal power plants as Russia curbs gas flow

The move has been described as “painful but necessary” by the government’s environmentalist economics minister, Robert Habeck. It has the backing of leading Greens in the coalition government, who argue it is needed as a short-term crisis management tool.

Did You Catch Biden’s Latest Move on Energy?

1) A major concession that their energy policies have been a disaster

2) Why did it take THIS level of pain for working families to end their blockade?

3) this is only 20% of the land available for leasing so still largely symbolic