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Rogan Unloads On CNN: ‘They Disseminate Propaganda,’ Coverage Is ‘Preposterous’

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan unloaded on left-wing news channel CNN during a recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” with guest James Lindsay, the founder of New Discourses.

CNN has plummeted in the ratings, Rogan said, because their coverage has become “preposterous” and the network “disseminate[s] propaganda” with smugness.

Biden, Trump and CNN

Coverage of a dubious claim by a Washington Post columnist shows the cable network at a crossroads.

CNN Forced to Fact Check Joe Biden’s CNN Town Hall

On Thursday night amid multiple crises of his administration’s creation, President Joe Biden joined CNN for a town hall event hosted by Anderson Cooper and it went about as well as you could expect for a septuagenarian up past his bed time.

CNN’s Ratings Truly Are Really Stunningly Bad, and They May Get Worse

Everybody knows that Fox News dominates the ratings. Seven of the top 10 shows for the second quarter–which runs March 29 to June 25– came from the network while the others came from MSNBC. As for CNN? The top-rated show, “Cuomo Prime Time,” comes in at the 22nd spot.